JACK helps to make robotic surgery minimally invasive


Bernhard Dauser, MD, PHD, FEBS and Nikolaus Hartig, MD from St. John of God Hospital Vienna use JACK as both the primary access and assistant ports on their DaVinci procedures. Using JACK permits them to avoid a large incision solely for specimen retrieval and reduces the need for ancillary trocar placements. Dr. Dauser comments, "The use of multifunctional trocar systems that also offer wound protection has become the standard practice in our department." Dr. Hartig explains, "In this patient, we performed a right hemicolectomy due to the large carcinoma in the ascending colon. The JACK performed quadruple-duty as a wound protection film, an assistant trocar for JOHAN Grasper, a working trocar for DaVinci bipolar forceps, and as access for organ retrieval."